Saturday, 29 July 2017

The Great Instagram Engagement Drop


The big algorithm change on Instagram has set fire to the fury of many of the app’s dedicated users. I've seen a few Instagram stories from bloggers highlighting the fact that their engagement on Instagram has gone down drastically. I may have not done an Instagram story discussing this, but  I completely agree with their conclusions, as I have also seen this happen to my page.

I am aware that since the algorithm kicked it in, it has completely changed the game, and that this was something to be expected but not to this extent. Most bloggers like myself rely on Instagram to help build an audience and to earn the extra money that keeps our blogs going, but how can we do this with low engagement? Most people have also made me aware of the fact that they haven't seen a post from me on their feeds in a very long time, even though I post regularly - meh. How can you beat/get on board with a system that isn't very transparent about how it works?

The fact that my engagement has dropped is extremely demotivating when it comes to my posting on Instagram. I at times feel very uninspired to even post anything because I end up thinking 'what's the point, will anyone even see it'?... It’s a mystery everyone wants to know: how does the Instagram algorithm work? I've heard a rumor that this is all a sneaky tactic by Instagram once users turn their profiles into business accounts to try to force users to pay to promote their posts if they want to increase engagement.  I understand why they may do this for brands, but with nothing to ‘sell’ what use is there for paying for these sponsored posts? We were prompted to switch to business accounts and we sold the dream of having analytics and insights which was great,  until we noticed that we were tricked into this fuckery.

I did some research and a lot of the suggestions to get around this mentioned switching your profile back to a personal account. I decided to take the plunge earlier and change my account status to a personal account, in hope that this will have an impact on my engagement. Wish me luck, and I'll let you know how I get on in a future post. TBC folks... 



  1. Do let us know how it goes. I started promoting my posts but even that doesn't work so frustrating!


    1. Hey Oroma,

      I will definitely, I'm hoping that this will have an impact. Really? I thought promiting your posts would have helped engagement - I guess how it works will remain a mystery to us all.


  2. Don't give up, keep producing the amazing content you have been doing. I enjoy every photo and posts!



    1. Hi Liv,

      Aww you're so lovely thank you honey. I really appreciate your support and every comment, I will try my best to not let the gram get me down!



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