Monday, 19 September 2016


I always get a lot of emails and comments on my blog from people asking me how I edit my Instagram photos. To be honest, it’s not that hard- all you have to do is just download the right photo applications and you’re all set!

 The first app that initially use is Snapseed. This app basically photoshop on your smartphone. I mainly adjust the brightness , contrast, saturation and shadows that can be found under the 'Tune Image' option in the main menu and usually stop when I am satisfied with the final result. I also really like the 'Glamour Glow' Filter on the app (it's also the only one I have ever used), so can't really help with any feedback on the others. The Glamour Glow filter is something that I only use when editing photos with me in them as it provides a glow effect, and for obvious reasons would not be an applicable filter for a flatlay. The third and final feature that I also use on Snapseed is under the 'details' option as it allows my images to look a lot sharper using the structure and sharpening adjustments.

After I am happy with the colour adjustments made, I usually move onto Facetune. It's a really great app that allows me to achieve a white background that are great for my blog and Instagram theme (see middle screenshot below). I literally select the tool and start moving my finger around the area that I want the tool to edit and wah-lah! Secondly if the image that I am editing is a selfie/has me in it I use the smooth tool, which obviously smoothes the skin (last screenshot on image below). I don't go crazy with this because if I do it can easily make my photo look unrealistic, so minor and subtle changes are key. The details tool on Facetune is everything! I haven't shown a screenshot of it here, but once you download the app it's pretty easy ti find. It's my go-to tool on this app because it's amazing for emphasising anything that you would like to highlight as it makes the details within your image a lot clearer! 
So that's it. You all now know my secrets to achieving my Instagram pics. Also a side note I think that using a great quality camera is also great for editing you images, using your phone is great, but I mainly prefer using my Sony A5000 so if your looking for a high-quality camera, I'd definitely recommend this camera!
Do you lovelies have any further recommendations for apps that you use for editing? Also let me know your thoughts on Snapseed and Facetune once you've had a chance to try them - I'd love to know! 



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