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If I had a pound for every time I was asked if I had any tips for starting a blog I would be a millionaire. Well you spoke loves and now I’m answering…

SET UP: The two main sites to use when setting up a blog are Wordpress and Blogger. I have used both in the past so I pretty much know how they both work. I used to use Wordpress, but now only use Blogger after switching a few years ago. I personally prefer using Blogger because it’s way more user friendly and is a lot easier if you want to play around with the settings/layout. These websites will say either ‘blogspot’ or ‘wordpress’ in the URL after your blogname e.g ‘deanswolves.blogspot.co.uk’, so if you want a custom-made URL e.g. www.deanswolves.com you can easily buy a domain name from a host, I use GoDaddy if you want to check out their domain rates.   

LOOK GOOD: When I started my blog I only thought about having the basics e.g. social media icons, so that it is easier for the readers to connect with you. Start off with the basics, that a great way to start off. I’d also recommend basic features like having an ‘About Me’ page on your blog so that your readers can easily find information about you (I’d also add my email address on this page too so that readers/brands can easily contact you). Make it easy for your readers to find appropriate posts on your blog, whether it be by using a search bar or categories.  My blog started with a white background which I still have now (simplicity is best!) - you decide! I have the in past had a photo of me on the header, which is a great thing to have if you haven't decided on what you will do for the blog name logo and it means that you wont have to have anything professionally designed. It in time changed to just text after I played around with some various header options and because I was going for a more minimal blog theme, which I further achieved through purchasing a template from: Pipdig. I could summarise a million things that you should do but it’s always best to remember that nothing is ever set in stone so when it comes to the design of your blog, you will change your mind all the time,  I still definitely do.

THE TOOLS: I initially started using my iPhone to take my photos, however these photos have now all been deleted from my blog because I realised that I personally preferred quality over quantity when it came to my posts. The images were too grainy and didn't match the goals that I had for my blog (crisp and clear images). I’d recommend getting a high quality camera from the beginning.  A DSLR was beyond my budget when I started blogging so I opted for a compact camera. I read somewhere that it’s not about the camera it’s about the lens that determines the quality of your photos (I use this lens), so I  purchased the Sony A5000 with interchangeable lens’ and I bloody love it! If you can’t afford that either I’d recommend just getting a camera - any camera even a £20 camera, just not your phone. You also don’t need to get a high tech laptop, any laptop will do the job , but I just personally prefer to use a Mac computer because they are specifically built for photo editing. I remember when my Mac wasn’t working and I borrowed my moms laptop for a week to aid with editing and let me tell you, I struuuuggled to edit one single blog post done on time because it took a long time to load the raw images that I took. I'm not saying get a Mac straight away, but it's something worth working up to when your blog starts doing well because it's definitely a worthy investment,  of course it is my personal computer of choice and it doesn't have to be yours so if you don't think that it's for you then that's perfectly fine too. 

STAY CONNECTED: It’s great to put yourself out there once your blog is good to go I’d recommend getting at least PinterestTwitterSnapchat and Instragram. These are vital to get your blog out there as it means that you will increase your exposure on all of these and will increase your chances of increasing your brand presence online. The beauty blogging community is quite tight and it’s nice to see people get involved in conversations on Twitter and comment on blogs. The more you tweet and comment, the more your name will be seen but obviously keep it authentic (but remember lovelies, spam will get you nowhere though).

I hope this post will help you to start your blog with ease! Everything is trial and error, so eventually you’ll figure out what works best for you. Let me know if you have any questions I’d be happy to help!



  1. Great post! I stared with taking pics on my iPhone too! Wouldn't say it was a mistake coz that's what my budget could afford at the time. I don't think people should be deterred from blogging just because they don't have the latest tech out there. Use what you have and upgrade when you can it truly helps you appreciate where you started when you look back. Xx

  2. Very inspiring babe! I love the tips you gave in this post. Especially the one when you also use different social media platforms to increase awareness for your blog. Its also a good way to have virtual friends lol! You always know how to rock any outfit boo! xx


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