Monday, 2 May 2016



A few months ago I was contacted by the ladies from Triangl to pick a bikini of my choice from their site. Did I really just say that? That entire first sentence seems completely unreal. It doesn't get any better for me swimwear-wise than Triangl. I posted an image of the bikini on my Instagram straight away upon it's arrival, but never really featured it on DeansWolves because it was winter and the timing to be posting bikini's just wasn't right then.

Triangl is literally everywhere on social media and I have always been awe over the lustworthy designs that they sell. Triangl don't retail in any stores, so if you want a bikini you'll have to get one straight from their site. Despite being Australian brand,  I was still able to receive my package in England, so no matter where you are when you order from their site, your bikini(s) will get to you. The main factor that makes Triangl extremely unique besides the amazing tailoring, would have to be their use of neoprene fabric, which is the scuba-diving-esq material that looks awesome and maintains the structure of the bikini really well!

The bikini that I chose was the 'Winnie - New York Noir Bikini' , which is sold with a matching black neoprene scuba diving bag (I still can't get over how cute it is!) .  It's a complete shocker  that I chose another black clothing item I know, but I can't help myself - I'm weak! I adore this black bikini because it looks so chic and fits me amazingly. I got the top in a size small, as I wanted it to be tight fitting (a little extra cleavage never hurt nobody!) and the bottom in medium because my body shape is more top heavy and it literally fits like a glove.  If you're not sure about what size bikini will fit you best Triangl's website has a great live chat with staff for guidance on sizing whilst you shop. The Winnie bikini isn't cheap, as it retails for $85.00, which is about £61.00, but it totally worth every penny, because you are buying quality if anything!

This was my first Triangl bikini  & it definitely won't be my last, I can't wait to get another...



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