Wednesday, 28 October 2015

B. Even Oil Control Foundation Review.

Sometimes in order to have the best looking face you have to spend quiet a bit of money, of which I have been doing through buying mostly MAC makeup. This however always leaves my bank account crying out for a refill each time. So I drove myself to Superdrug and picked up the B. Even Oil Control Foundation after a little bit of research as I thought it'd provide me with exactly what I needed at half the price.   

I needed full coverage on my face and that it provided. I also needed great oil control for my face as I have oily skin and that it also provided me... and not to mention a cheeky glow ;) ! The foundation lasts all day and provides you with a matte finish  for as little as £9.99. The brand seems to be only available at Superdrug ,so I assume that it is a Superdrug brand and they really did a great job with this one!  

 The B. Even foundation has SPF 15, it's hydrating (makes it fab for all the ladies with dry skin too!), has a matte finish so there's no need add powder after use and has great coverage and...and.... AND it's vegan and cruelty free for all us animal lovers out there. The range comes in the colours Chocolate (100), Mocha (90) and  Cappuccino (80) for women of colour, but even if you're not there's plenty to choose from for every colour! I bought the Cappuccino and it matched my skin colour perfectly, I am usually NC50 in MAC if that helps you roughly know your colour in B. Even Oil Control Foundation. GO GET YOURS,  you'll definitely never use anything else after trying this lovely beaut!




  1. I suffer with oily skin so I may pop into Superdrug and pick this up, it's so hard to find foundations that tick all the boxes with oily skin!

    Gemma Louise | Just Little Things

    1. Hey lovely! I'd definitely recommend it, it's exactly what you need for oily skin. I literally had the same problem and the foundation has helped a lot! I think that because it was made especially for oily skin makes it even more effective. Have a lovely evening Gemma xx


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