Wednesday, 27 May 2015



Hello lovelies!

 Here's my June Payday wishlist,  Just in time for the bank top-ups tomorrow! This is something that I will be doing each payday, so stay tuned for more to come .... 


Monday, 18 May 2015


String Bow Necklace * - I Love A Lassie

I Love A Lassie is a Scottish jewellery brand that has caused quite a stir in the jewellery world! You may have seen the brand in publications such as Vogue, Elle, Company and Grazia just to name a few; they are everywhere! I'm telling you, this is brand is a force to be reckoned with, a rising star in the jewellery world.  They were kind enough to let me pick a necklace to style and show you all.  I selected the handknotted Silver String Bow Necklace from I Love A Lassie and I could not wait to share it on DeansWolves! There's nothing that instantly dresses up an outfit quite like a beautiful necklace. The concept around the piece is inspired by a grandmother and the piece of string she would tie around her finger when she has something important to remember.

I love the bow design, as I think it immerses a classic and unique style simultaneously. The solid sterling silver ensures that this classy neckpiece sticks around in my jewellery box, as it ups the quality and the value of the necklace. This is perfect for both a day and night look, as it's easy to style with whatever outfit you are wearing. I will probably do some sort of OOTD or something wearing this again soon. 

I Love Lassie are giving you all the amazing opportunity to take advantage of their Black Friday deals, so that you can all have this necklace (or another I Love Lassie creation, totes up to you) through their site.  Personally, I wouldn't stop at just getting the one item, but because this necklace has a matching ring and earrings I'd take advantage of this deal and make sure that I got the whole set, but that's just me...

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Friday, 1 May 2015

Ear Sparkle

The perfect statement accessory … do you lovelies concur?
This post is actually way overdue! I have had these earrings for ages now from Dorothy Perkins and I can’t really give you an explanation as to why I havent posted them (let’s blame life). I swooned over these earrings as soon as I got them because I knew that they were the perfect accessory to go with any simple outfit that I wear. If I’m wearing all black I know I can turn to these to add a little colour and glamour to my look and if I’m wearing a minimal look I know for sure I can trust them to do the same!
I’m a sucker for statement earrings, and like I’ve said time and time again; I blame Pat Butcher! For anyone from England, who watches the soap Eastenders this will make sense in your head in a second. Since my name is Patricia and the character has the same name and is legendary her love of large statement jewellery, it’s only right to skip the booze and instead blame it on the Butcher! (Pssst … Thank you Jamie Foxx for making this pun possible)
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