Wednesday, 25 February 2015

WHAT’S IN MY HANDBAG: Febrary 2015

Since posting about my new H&M bag a few weeks back and I haven’t stopped wearing it – it’s just such a beaaaauut, which is why I decided to a ‘What’s in my handbag’ post. I find it quiet intriguing to find out what’s in people’s handbags (this may be my nosiness coming out), which is why I thought it’d be a great share.
So first up, because I have to travel on the train each day to go to work, I tend to carry a magazine in my bag, so that I have something to read on my commute, and right now my current read is Look Magazines. Kim K looks stunning in this cover and I love reading Look because it tends to feature affordable high street clothing, rather than if I read Vogue or something and I see a dress that I like, which ends up being about £2000 – no thank you.
Next up beauty wise, I also like to have some top-up makeup in my bag, because by the end of the day my face tends to lose most of my makeup, thus is why I carry my MAC Studio Fix Powder, MAC ‘Captive’ Lipstick and Real Technique Foundation brush for that much-needed touch-up. I always have to my lippy with me, beause I have a habit of reapplying my lipstick a few times a day –as you do lol. The Real technique brush brand is a blogger favourite that I cannot get enough of them, I am all so happy that I have this brush in my collection and the powder is just what I need to put my makeup back together again with the help of my sleek foundation brush for a flawless look. I keep it all in a black makeup bag that I got from H&M; my face is basically MAC’ed up and I love it.
I always have some sunnies in my bag, just in case there is that once in a blue moon sunny day or that rare blinding sun in the midst of this wintery blaze. Alongside my trusty ‘Ghost Sweetheart’ perfume that I believe you can get from Debenhams, I got it for Christmas and had never tried it before but I am glad that I have it. This is my statement daytime perfume, it’s always in my handbag, so I feel lost when I’m without it.
Lastly is my black purse that I got from Primark, I chose this because it has not got any compartment so I can put all my cards in one place and if I do not want to take my handbag out with me I can also put my mobile phone and house keys in one place.
I hope you are all having a fab 2015 so far! I’m excited for this year, and have been working on a few projects that I can’t wait to share with you all.
I’d also love to know what essentials you tend to have in your handbags day to day?


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